The Book

Inspirational Stories of Women
Who Got Their Financial Act Together —

and How You Can Too.


 "In the chapters that follow, you will learn the stories of the women of Wine, Women and Wealth. Amazing women who overcame obstacles, both big and small, to find a happier place in life and a better relationship with money. What is so inspirational is that they learned the concepts, took action and applied those concepts in their own lives, and became more financially successful." 

Meet the Authors

Denise Arand
San Diego, CA
Monica Wilk
Bolder, CO
Susan McCormick
San Diego, CA
Mara Simoneau
Bolder, CO
Kim Harrison
Bolder, CO
Kristen Judd
Bolder, CO
Mary Glynn Fisher
Richmond, VA
Elizabeth Hansen
Miami, FL
Heather Brinkman
Richmond, VA
Erika Moore
Washington, D.C
Daley Krom
Miami, FL
Robin Kemp
San Diego, CA
Rita Boccuzzi
Woodland Park, CO

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